Financial constraints – Bad Habits in Youth
Date Added: May 19, 2010 07:35:51 PM
Category: Business: Finance

Availability of all resources and deficiency of required resources make the youth abnormal. This abnormality leads them to indulge in unusual activities. In this connection a deviant behavior appears on the surface of innocence young boy/girl. The most pinching cause to be deviant is the constrained financial resources. In this way many evils are born in youth which imprint their reflection throughout the whole life of that person. Often in holidays when boys do not find any productive activity they try to explore the ways through which they can fulfill their personal needs and they kill the time as well. They forget that there are several other ways in which they can keep them busy like sports, watching TV, internet surfing etc.


Robbery and theft are becoming one of the major bad habits found in youth. Recreationally they plan out to steal small items from their own homes. Gradually this habit gets roots and boys start stealing from shops and vendors’ crane. Sometimes they do it for fun and sometimes they are compelled of financial problems. Overall this is an evil which spread out everywhere from this little age. Therefore planned robbery of banks can also be associated to these little angels who are converted in to devils in the shape of robbers and thieves.


Another problem found in youth is the joining of groups who are already involved in illegal activities. The members of such type of groups all the time spying that they could catch any miserable but young person to make him part of their group. Miserable in a sense that a boy who could do anything to end his hunger. These targets are easily found sitting on the road side looking depressed. These young people become ready to join those gangs for the fulfillment of their needs because they get money in return while serving suspicious activities. This path is very deep that once one indulges in it can never escape himself. But on the other hand his all requirements are not getting fulfilled.


Smoking and heroin culture is also transmits in people when they are young. Smoking for the sake of refreshment pushes forward to adopt other drugs. Drugs smuggling and using by one ownself never look like a bad habit. They feel satisfied and slowly their over confidence deceive them. Such type of people must have hunger of money and some are doing it for recreational purposes. Whatever the purpose is to join these activities, but its end result is very frightening.


Activities like terrorism and killing can also be associated with this age group. At this age level brain is very innocence that can be mould in a direction what you want. So when people start brain washing of young boys they respond quickly and do what is ordered. Terrorist activities are also money earning mode that is why people get attracted towards it easily but with deception.

Finally, constrained resources insist the youth to follow wrong path.

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